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The Full Story

19646 Gulf Blvd: Home of Mermaid-Seahorse, Lobster & Dolphin bungalows.


Built in 1947 and 1948, the property 19646 and south adjacent property at 19644 Gulf were purchased by 2 doctors who shared the architecture plans / floorplans.  That is why the driveway is shared. Notice the Mermaid – Seahorse bungalow and original 1 story part of the green beachfront house have similar roof lines and window placements (they are mirror images).


An old roadside Florida attraction in 1960s was just down the road called TIKI GARDENS Tiki Gardens: one of Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions (

Many residents did similar theme rentals that is why the old name of the Bungalows was “SOUTH SEAS”.


Sandy Robert’s Uncle bought the property in 1954 for $35,000. When he & his wife died in 1986, Sandy Roberts of Brandon inherited it. They did their best to rent it out but had to deal with Hurricane Elana in 1986.


They sold in 1997 for $360K to the Hayes of Chicago who sold to Liz Barrett in 2002 for $808K. In 2003 the swimming pool was installed.


Practically every dime Liz made in real estate sales went back into the property.  It didn’t break even for the first 10 years. After 7 long years of arguing with the City and being denied for construction loans (every bank thought it was a dumb idea to have a house over a pool at a vacation rental causing shade over the pool) finally the permit was issued.

In 2013 her 2 story yellow house was finally built over top of the existing pool.

She is still waiting for a trap door to be installed in her living room into the pool and potato gun mounts on her balconies – apparently the Indian Shores Building Dept did not like those ideas!  LOL!

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